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What types of businesses use a Human Resources Consultant?

Businesses that use a human resources consultant are typically small-to-midsize firms and nonprofit organizations with between 5 and 1,500 employees. These organizations have either: 1) determined a need for a formal human resources infrastructure or, 2) reached their maximum capability to manage the human resources function effectively internally.

Why do businesses outsource the design and management of their Human Resources function?

Outsourcing the design and management of the human resources function is a strategic business decision that relieves the business of human resources responsibilities and enables them to focus on what they do best. Human resources outsourcing provides some key benefits:

Greater Expertise: Provides organizations with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on human resources.

                 Risk Management: Reduces your organization’s risk by taking the necessary                  steps to keep your organization compliant.

                 Cost ManagementHelps you reduce and manage operating costs.

                 Aids Organizational Growth: Leaves the development and management of                  human resources operations in capable hands.  Allows employees to focus on growing the organization.

If I already have someone on my team who is handling Human Resources functions, why should I consider using a human resources consulting firm?

It’s likely that the person is multi-tasking a number of business responsibilities. The human resources functions may be at minimum (or below) competitive standards and may not be compliant with state and federal laws. You can reduce your legal risk through human resources outsourcing and create a competitive human resources function that will attract and retain top talent. Or, we can partner with your current human resources team to enhance their efficiency and knowledge of current best practices for human resources management.

We use resources such as SHRM and free online tools – isn’t that enough?

SHRM is an excellent resource as are other online tools; however, are you confident that you know how to interpret and implement the guidance and tools you are receiving? How do you know which tool(s) to select? Do you know how to prioritize your compliance requirements? And how much time is your employee spending doing “HR Research” when they could be contributing to growing your business?

How do I know which Human Resources functions to build or outsource for greatest effectiveness?

You don’t need to build an entire human resources infrastructure immediately or outsource your entire human resources function if you don’t think it’s necessary. Building fundamental components of a human resources structure initially is common. Outsourcing a portion of your human resources functions is also a desirable way to meet your needs. The most frequently built or outsourced functions include: 

Health and Benefits Design and Implementation
Talent Management
Compensation Design and Administration
Compliance (policy/handbook creation, human resources assessment, FLSA reviews, legally compliant interviewing, FMLA administration)
Management and Leadership Development
Recruiting Infrastructure and Onboarding

How can JBH Consulting, Inc. assist me with my Human Resources needs?

Experience: With nineteen years of experience and a team of qualified consultants, we can ensure that you are implementing best practices.

You Design Your Need: We will consult with you on all service opportunities and you select what you need for your organization. You can design a human resources infrastructure that is appropriate for your organization; or you can identify specific human resources projects.

Flexible Pricing: If you prefer a fixed monthly/annual cost we can accommodate that. If you prefer hourly billing as needed, we can accommodate that as well.

Flexible Support: We are located in the Metro Washington, D.C. area which provides us the flexibility to provide a combination of onsite and virtual support to clients. Many clients find that occasional onsite support combined with a balance of virtual support effectively meets their needs.

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