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Human Resources Outsourcing

We can manage your human resources for you and allow you to focus on managing and growing your business.




Human Resources Consulting

Continue to build capability in your organization by investing in development programs and coaching.

Employee Relations Consulting

Management Training

Soft Skills Training

Leadership Development Programs & Workshops


Executive Coaching






Human Resources Infrastructure

We will create a complete human resources infrastructure for you, or customize the human resources components that are most important to you:


Benefits Broker
Benefits Summary
Open Enrollment Process

Recruitment and Onboarding

Employment Application
Job Description Template
Offer Letter Template
Background Check Vendor
Recruitment Process & Guidelines
New Hire Orientation Presentation
Employee Onboarding/New Hire Checklist

Compensation Structure
FLSA Review
Compensation Structure
Compensation Planning

Performance Management
Timeline and Communication

Performance Management Process
Performance Management Tool

Employee Handbook
Code of Conduct

Compliance/Employee Relations
Employee Files Set-up/Review
Performance Improvement Plan Template
I9 Audit

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